With the VESTA® Router Service Portfolio, Choose to Experience:

  • Guidance and education - Every step of the way
  • A unified public safety workflow - From call to case closure, no more silos
  • ESInet – More than 9-1-1; secure, managed delivery of network traffic for all your PSAP’s critical public safety applications
  • Carrier diversity - Offering choice, unmatched resiliency and unrivaled redundancy for your IP transport
  • Location expertise - Access and control over your 9-1-1/GIS location data with experts who know data
  • Cybersecurity focused - So you can adopt NG9-1-1 faster and in a responsible way that protects your PSAP
  • Less complexity - We manage the technology for you as a service

The world of NG9-1-1 and Next Generation Core Services (NGCS, the base set of services to process an NG9-1-1 call) offer 9-1-1 Agencies new opportunities to better serve citizens.

Workflow efficiency, intelligent call routing, additional content, greater resiliency and survivability, and new deployment models are just a few of the benefits. Still, each opportunity creates change.

How do 9-1-1 Agencies manage the change in a way that minimizes disruption, delivers greater budget certainty and offers a secure path to the future?

At Vesta Solutions, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motorola Solutions, we direct the change in your favor through our VESTA® Router Service Portfolio. Our solution:

Before NG9-1-1, choosing a 9-1-1 system was a one-time static selection with a well-defined financial commitment. Now, in our new world, 9-1-1 Authorities face a different challenge. They need public safety communication technology that can evolve as they transition from legacy technology to a full NG9-1-1 solution. And they need an NG9-1-1 technology partner that maximizes the value of their investments.

We want to be that technology partner for you. We are excited to collaborate with you and are committed to your success.

To learn more about our VESTA Router Service Portfolio, contact your Motorola Solutions Account Executive or call us 1.888.325.9336. We look forward to hearing from you.